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Civil War Union Soldier Tintype Photo Triple Armed

Civil War Union Soldier Tintype Photo Triple Armed

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Civil War Union Soldier Tin type Photo Cased
Extraordinary Detail !

Triple armed Union Civil War Infantry Soldier


One of the most extraordinary Civil War tintype photos we've seen!

Very rare and original, 1860's Sixth Plate, Cased Tintype Photograph of a triple armed Union Civil War Infantry Soldier with rifle, Bowie Knife and sheathed bayonet. This fantastic, Tintype Photo measures approx. 2 5/8” by 3 1/8" (1/6 plate size) and is housed what appears to be its original, pressed leather covered hard case (size of case is 3 1/4” by 3 5/8”).

This fantastic, 1860's Tintype Photo is a ¾ length, seated portrait of a young, Union Soldier wearing a shell jacket and a kepi. He holds his rifle upright at his left side and has both a large Bowie knife and a bayonet in their sheathes at his belt. He is well equipped with a leather shoulder strap and eagle form chest plate and a leather cap box and oval “US” belt plate on his belt.

Pictured here is a proud, young soldier - stone faced and staring into the camera. 

*Please see enlargeable images above and  below for a good indication of the content and condition of this wonderful Civil War Soldier portrait.

This wonderful, 1860's Sixth Plate Tintype Photo is in very good condition. The Image is strong and exhibits razor sharp focus and good contrast and tonality. There is no significant damage to the emulsion – on scratches, chips, flaking or scuffs, however there is some light crazing to the surface. The surface, however, is stable and sound. Overall the Tintype is very well preserved and displays nicely. As mentioned above, the Tintype is housed in a full, pressed leather covered hard case that is intact and sound with no repairs at the spine or otherwise and with light edge wear.

A very rare and original, 1860's Cased, Sixth Plate Size, Tintype Photograph of a triple armed Civil War Union Soldier and a fantastic addition to any collection!!!

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