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Harry Houdini Original Vintage Live Escape Type I Photo

Harry Houdini Original Vintage Live Escape Type I Photo

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Harry Houdini 
ORIGINAL Historical Photography Antique Vintage 1922 LIVE Escape TYPE I Photo 
"Houdini Strapped in by Insane Asylum Attendants", 1922

Unlocking the soul of historical photography, it's the provenance on the back that defines its sought-after nature and appreciative value of these iconic gems.
As a long time customer told me during a conversation,  "its the back of the photo where all the dirty secrets and gold nuggets are hidden!". I’m not sure if they are always "dirty" secrets but I love how said it!

Behold! One of the most astonishing and significant Harry Houdini photos known to man!

"Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to witness the mesmerizing artistry and death-defying acts of the one and only Harry Houdini, as he takes the stage for a breathtaking live performance."

When we gaze upon a historical photograph, we are transported to the actual scene, standing as silent witnesses to history unfolding before our eyes.

Imagine Owning an original vintage photograph capturing a live Harry Houdini escape performance in New York City in 1922 would be nothing short of extraordinary.   It would transport you back in time, immersing you in the atmosphere of anticipation and wonder that surrounded Houdini's legendary feats. As you gaze at the photograph, you can almost feel the electric energy of the crowd, hear the gasps of amazement, and sense the palpable thrill of witnessing Houdini's unparalleled skills firsthand.   Every detail captured in the image, from the expressions on the face of Houini himself and the spectators to the intricacies of Houdini's daring escape act, would be a testament to the audacity and unparalleled showmanship of this iconic performer. Owning such a cherished piece of history would not only be a source of immense pride but also a profound connection to the golden age of magic and illusion, forever preserving the legacy of Houdini's extraordinary artistry.

The most important, spellbinding, astounding Houdini photo we’ve ever acquired

One of the most historically significant and astonishing Harry Houdini TYPE I photos to ever surface on the market.    Very few photos of a live Houdini performance that shows the massive crowd that would gather for Houdini are in existence today.  This particular gem is simply jaw dropping.     From the amazing aerial shot of Houdini on the ground being shackled and handcuffed by patients from a local New York Insane Asylum is what movies are made of and certainly characteristics of the Master Showmen’s  wild imagination and marketing brilliance.    No doubt one of the highlights of my 40 years collecting Houdini .  If ever there was a photo that belongs in the Houdini museum this is it!  With equally breath –taking press release provenance on the back as it was published by the media in January of 1922.  

The last photo of Houdini that I’m aware of from a Live large performance sold for almost $10,000!  And you couldn’t even make out Houdini that was supposedly hanging upside down above the crowd.  Here you can clearly see Houdini on his back in an awkward predicament as his peculiar handlers aggressively strap him into a seemingly inescapable straightjacket.?    

When was the last time you saw something that hit triggered the reaction,  “I  can’t live without that?    That’s how I felt about this extraordinary Harry Houdini find recently encountered.  

A photograph so powerful that it forces you into that very moment in time, January 1922, at a LIVE Houdini performance in NY City surrounded by such as massive crowd you cannot see where it ends.      In our 40 years collecting Houdini historical artifacts and memorabilia we have seen only one or two Original photos from a Live Houdini performance that shows the Remarkable attraction of the mythical like Houdini magnetism and the incredible crowds he would draw wherever he performed.  And if outside the crowds would be so huge you could not estimate the size because the very few images that exist could never capture the entire crowd.   Particularly since it would be decades before aerial photography would be employed.    And remember, this  is long before the advantages of widespread media and of course the internet.  Even Before the first entertainment medium the radio was available to the American consumer.      Watching Houdini being strapped into a straightjacket by insane asylum patients with many thousands of spectators looking on is one of the most surreal photo images of the Greatest Magician and Showman the world has ever seen.  

Unquestionably one of the most important and astonishing Original Vintage Type I Houdini photos ever to surface.  This Gem belongs in a  Museum!  Or at least the most coveted Collection!

* See enlargeable images above and below

NOTE:    To truly grasp the marvel of Harry Houdini's artistry, one must experience his brilliance firsthand. Set aside a moment to witness the breathtaking video below. Behold these two remarkable clips of Houdini's live escapes, capturing history in motion..    At least one of these looks like the very escape captured in this Museum Grade Type I photo.    

Houdini Escape video 1- See Here

Houdini Escape video 2- See Here

*We have been fortunate to have acquired an exciting Collection of Amazing Historical Houdini Photos.  See them below under “Other Rare Vintage Treasures You Might Like”. 

1922 Harry Houdini, "Straight Jacket Escape in New York" Incredible Photograph

1922 Absolutely incredible photograph of magician Harry Houdini as he was being bound into a straight jacket in preparation for one of his most famous public escapes in history. He was about to be suspended 150 feet into the air and upside down, performing for free in front of a massive crowd in New York City, all to gain a $1000 bet and of course some free publicity! The image is taken from a high vantage point and looking directly down on Houdini as members of an insane asylum tie him up! One of Houdini's most incredible images we have ever handled, issued by Underwood and Underwood and stamped on the back with a full paper caption as well.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original

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