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Abraham Lincoln Historical Hotograph J. Gurney

Abraham Lincoln Historical Hotograph J. Gurney

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Abraham Lincoln Photograph, circa 1860s

Photographer:  J. Gurney & Son

One of the most astonishing Original photographs of Abraham Lincoln we’ve ever acquired.  Not only for the visual appeal but maybe even more prominent if the historical significance of the Photographer.   Jeremiah Gurney was a pioneer of the invention of photography, namely the Daguerreotype.  But, what he is best known for is the Only person to photograph Abraham Lincoln post-mortem.   * Has the amazing Photographer identification on the mat

This stunning piece of history is housed in the original period wood ornate frame.  

* See enlargeable images above and below

Size:  Measures 15" x 12" including period frame   


Abraham Lincoln Photo by J. Gurney & Son NYC Period c 1860-65.  

An amazing piece if History!     Original early 1860s Abraham Lincoln photo by ground breaking mid 19th century photographer Jeremiah Gurney.  Gurney is most famous as being the Only person to be given access to photograph Abraham Lincoln’s body at Lincoln’s funeral

Jeremiah Gurney (October 17, 1812 – April 21, 1895), was an American daguerreotype photographer operating in New York.
Gurney worked in the jewelry trade in Saratoga, New York, but learned about the daguerreotype from Samuel Morse, took up photography, and after moving to New York City, began selling photographs alongside jewelry from his shop. Different sources call him either the owner of the first photographic gallery in America and second practitioner after Morse, or merely one of the earliest practitioners in New York City and "one of the first" photographic galleries on Broadway.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art credits his success to him "producing the finest daguerreotypes in Gotham", and praises his "tonally delicate, startlingly three-dimensional portraits" such as his "Two Girls in Identical Dresses".  A Scientific American article, reviewing an 1853 photographic display at the Crystal Palace in London praises American photographers and calls out the "exquisite taste and skill displayed in the pictures of Gurney and others" at the exposition.

Photographer of the American Civil War Mathew B. Brady was a journeyman in the firm that made the cases for Gurney's shop, and was inspired to enter photography by Gurney's success, starting up a rival firm.
One of the things Gurney is best known for is having taken the only known photograph of Abraham Lincoln in death.

Note: CVtreasures stamp not on original

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